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    at Storchen Zürich

As the oldest hotel in the city with a priveleged position banking on the River Limmat (which, with 5 nostalgic open-air pools on its banks, continues the 19th century tradition of bathing), the topic of sustainability is of great importance to us.



When we tell our guests that they can swim in the Limmat and that the water is of drinking quality, they are often amazed. Standing on our own Storchen Pier, our guests can imagine being in Venice - except that the water in Zürich is crystal clear.

Already in the 14th century the wine and vegetable merchants frequented the Storchen after they had finished their business on the nearby Gemüsebrücke (Vegetable Bridge).

We are proud of the fact that our traditional establishment is able to unite Zürich's Savoir-Vivre with sustainability. Our close co-operation with local farmers and fishermen and our regional cuisine are just a couple of examples of our extraordinary environmental management, confirmed in the establishment being certified to ISO 14001 standard, and which every guest in our hotel should sense.

Here only the very best is done to ensure that our special place stays as nice as it is for the next 650 years.

Sustainability Report (PDF)

myclimate «Cause We Care»

Careful use of resources to protect the environment is close to our hearts. You can support us in this: As part of the myclimate «Cause We Care» initiative, we give you the opportunity to make an effective contribution to climate protection and sustainability by making a voluntary contribution together with us.

This is how it works:

With CHF 4 per person and per night you support our sustainability measures and compensate the CO2 emissions of your stay. In return, we promise to double the amount. Part of the sum will be used for the carbon offset project «Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda» of the myclimate foundation. This means that you will have a climate-neutral stay. The remaining amount will be invested by us in operational sustainability such as the conversion to renewable energies or the development of our quality and environmental circle in our hotels.  

Together we care for the environment so that you and future generations can enjoy our nature.



Since April 2021, the Storchen Zurich has been a member of the NOW association. NOW advocates internationally for a more sustainable tourism. They classify hotels according to their environmental friendliness and perception of social responsibility. At the same time, they prepare the information on the members on their platform "It must be NOW" in a user-friendly and clear way and are thus an indispensable information tool for all guests who want to travel responsibly. The evaluation criteria are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and are determined individually and specifically together with each hotel.
In this way, we want to make our contribution so that future generations can also experience the beauty of Switzerland in all its facets. 

Get an overview of our measures, goals and transparent figures on our NOW page.  


Here is a short list of measures that the Storchen Zürich has implemented for some time now:

  • Sensitizing/regular training of our Storchen staff in regard to sustainability.
  • Regional products are used whenever possible in our restaurants.
  • Environmental friendly cleaning agents are used in the whole of the hotel.
  • All bed linen and towels in our rooms are changed only on demand.
  • 100% recycled printer paper is used and much of our data is only electronically stored.
  • Our rubbish is strictly separated and is disposed of in an environmental friendly way.
  • Thanks to the Bio-Transsystems in the kitchen, environmental friendly energy is produced from catering waste.
  • Our lamps are being replaced by LED lighting.
  • Every renovation and renewal in the house is in accordance with Minergie guidelines.
ISO 14001 Certificate (JPG)

As the oldest hotel in the city and in a privileged location in the middle of Zurich, directly on the Limmat (which, with five nostalgic bathing establishments, still preserves the tradition of the 19th century river bathing), the topic of sustainability is very important to us.

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