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  • 38 Foie gras «terrine»
    Oxtail | Green apple | Mushroom | Ximénez Spinola
  • 32 Home-smoked salmon
    Fresh horseradish | Salmon roe | Sour cream | Pickled onions
    Storchen Classics
  • 26 Yellowtail mackerel «flamed»
    Green bean fond | Panko crunch | Tomato | Dill
  • 26 Veal shank ravioli
    Beurre blanc | Veal gravy | Melted parmesan
  • 32 Steak tartare «Piedmontese»
    Smoked sour cream | Baked caper | Radish | Chanterelle | Egg yolk cream
    Storchen Classics | from our farm
  • 18 Colourful garden herb salad
    Spring vegetables | Balsamic morel vinaigrette
    additionally with South African scampi or fried duck liver +18
  • 36 Lemon risotto from our farm Terreni alla Maggia
    Artichoke | Datterini tomato | Sainte Maure
Kristal Kaviari Kaviar

Enjoy our exquisite Kristal caviar with a dish of your choice:

per 10gr  30

Stefan Jäckel recommends pairing the caviar with one of the following dishes:

Home-smoked salmon

Yellowtail mackerel «flamed»



All prices are shown in Swiss francs and include the regular VAT.


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