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Fredi Nussbaum

Executive Chef

Fredi Nussbaum on his new job as Executive Chef, how he met Cyrille Anizan and his collaboration with André Jaeger.

'We're not making broth – we're creating gourmet dishes.'

How does it feel to give up the Rôtisserie after 25 years?

I've got mixed feelings about it. Twenty-five years is a really long time – almost a third of a lifetime. And when you've worked 13 hour days throughout this time to ensure everything runs smoothly, it's obviously not easy to leave it behind. But as Executive Chef, I'm still a cook first and foremost, even if I actually stand at the stove less often. That means I can't let go completely. So I'm still waiting to see the positive side, since my workload hasn't reduced as yet. The idea is to delegate responsibility a bit so I can invest time elsewhere.

What do you value in Cyrille?

Over the last three years with Cyrille, I've had more than just a sous chef – I've had someone who eases my workload every day and supports me in everything, right through to searching for inspiration for new creations. Thanks to him, I've had more time for administrative work and many other tasks.

How did Cyrille end up at the Storchen?

We actually met by coincidence. I was on the train to Zurich and reading a Pistor magazine. He spoke to me and asked if I was a chef. And the rest is history. At some point we also realised that we take the same bus and live just 100 metres from each other.

What does Cyrille value in you?

No idea... he'll have to tell you that himself.

(Cyrille adds)... Fredi is extremely well-organised, super pragmatic and really relaxed. But when he says something, it always makes sense. In short, he's a top chef!

What new tasks are you responsible for as Executive Chef?

I'm responsible for everything – from managing staff holidays and days off to checking and optimising processes, quality and returns, as well as planning menus with Barchetta chef Matthias Hutter. Basically, I have to ensure that everything runs like clockwork.

How is the collaboration with André Jaeger going?

It's going really well. Of course, there's always the risk that too many cooks will spoil the broth. But there are just three of us and we're not making broth – we're creating gourmet dishes.

When you look back at your career as a chef, what would you change?

I've been a chef for 40 years now – crazy, when you think about how many apprentice cooks throw in the towel. My mother got me into cooking and I've never regretted it. Sure, there are pros and cons, as there are in anything – but, for me, the positives far outweigh the negatives. If I had to do it all again, I'd do it the same...

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    Cyrille Anizan, André Jaeger and Fredi Nussbaum

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