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    Massnahmen und Schutzkonzept


• Wash / disinfect hands regularly
• Hand disinfection stand in lobby
• Putting away magazines / flyers in public places
• Wear masks if distance regulation cannot be observed 


Masks / gloves enclosed:
• Cleaning restant-rooms
• Envelope service
• Cleaning in public spaces
• Disinfection of:
- Telephone receiver
- Remote control
- Fittings
- Ventilation control
- Door handles
• Writing material only on request
• Remove magazines / print media from room
• Compliance with distance control
• Flowers as usual
• Placement in hotel rooms with details of where all protective measures taken are listed, signature of the floor governor

All other standards regarding cleaning and disinfection are already automatically met by the applicable standards (ISO).

Front Office / Concierge

• floor markings in the lobby area to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m
• Limitation of the number of persons in the lobby by signposting for guests
• Masks and plastic gloves are available at any time
• Plexiglass at the front office / concierge desk
• Rooming only on request and with face mask, i.p. separate Lift / stairs / keep distance
• Regular disinfection of:
- Counter
- Telephone receiver, mouse
- Credit card terminals
- Pens (presentation of baskets / tray with disinfected pens for guests)
• Valet Parking with masks and plastic gloves
• Room key handover: disinfection in front of the guest's eyes and handover on a silver tray
• Info to guest, that please keep your keys with you
• Limousine transfer: Chauffeurs gloves and masks
• Information in the public space regarding distance control:
- in front of toilets
- Fitness
- For entrances / at the front office
• Checklists with the protective measures to be observed in each shift

Preventing infections: Washing your hands properly protects!

To remove pathogens, wash your hands thoroughly. This is done in five steps:

1. WETTING: Hold your hands under running water.

2. soaping all around: lather hands from all sides.

3. LEAVE TIME: Soaping thoroughly takes 20 to 30 seconds.

4. rinse thoroughly: Wash hands under running water.

5. DRY CAREFULLY: Dry hands with a clean cloth.

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