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Keeping groups of guests apart / keeping distance

• The head of department or deputy controls the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the guests
• A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between the groups of guests to the front and side "shoulder-to-shoulder" and to the rear "back-to-back" a 1.5-metre distance from table edge to table edge.
• A maximum of 100 people may stay indoors at any one time, unless the distance rules can be observed. If the location has an outdoor area, a maximum of 300 people may stay in the same location at the same time. 
• The personal data of at least one person per group of guests or table must be recorded and kept for 14 days. Afterwards the data will be completely destroyed.
• The groups of guests may not be mixed, i.e. they arrive at the same time or are known to each other.
• Establishments with bar seating must observe the rules on distance.
• In order to protect the service staff behind the bar, special measures are required for longer periods of contact if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres to the guests is not observed.
• Waiting guests keep a distance of 1.5 meters, floor markings in the waiting area are mandatory.
• Guests' objects will not be touched (coats, umbrellas etc.)


• Table settings are changed after each guest
• For cleaning work, single-use wipes are preferably used. If textile wipes are in use, they must be changed regularly, but at least twice a day (at shift change).
• The following items are cleaned and disinfected after each guest contact:
- Table surface, armrest, card terminal, menu cards, trays, menus (only brought on request)
• Surfaces and objects (e.g. work surfaces, keyboards, cash registers, telephones, clothes hangers) are regularly cleaned with a professional cleaning or disinfecting solution, especially when used in common.
• Door handles, lift buttons, stair railings, coffee machines, used kitchen appliances and other working materials used by several people are regularly cleaned or disinfected professionally - depending on use, but at least once a day.
• Regular airing (at least 4 times a day)
• Guest linen, tablecloth or similar is replaced after each contact with guests

Personal data

• For each group of guests or table, at least one person's personal data must be recorded and stored for 14 days. Afterwards the data will be completely destroyed. By means of specially made contact cards, first name, surname, telephone number, date, time and table number recorded. The data will then be handed in at the reception desk. The data is then archived.
• In discos, dance clubs and nightclubs, personal data must be recorded in any case.
• For events of all kinds, the establishment does not have to record contact details if the organiser of the event assures that a guest list has been recorded. The organiser does not have to hand over the guest list to the operator. The establishment records the organiser's contact details. 
• The company provides a form for entering contact details.
• The company will use the data exclusively for the stated purpose.
• The company keeps the data for 14 days and destroys them completely after that.
• The cantonal medical service may request the contact details if it deems it necessary.
• The company must be able to provide information about the last 14 days about which desks an employee has served.


• Contactless payment is preferred
• The contact person for occupational safety (safety officer of the company) checks the implementation of the measures
• "The protection concept for the hospitality industry under Covid-19" is the basis for this internal form and is available at all times in the individual outlets.

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